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So you’re approaching the final stage to finish your new home or thinking of updating your existing yard and you have questions? Hopefully we can answer them for you! Below are some of the most common questions asked when considering your landscaping and choosing the right contractor.

Choosing the right contractor for your project is crucial for both piece of mind and quality of work. After all this is your dream home, do you want it in the hands of an inexperienced contractor?

The landscaping industry does suffer from the same poor quality workmanship as many other trades do. Unfortunately there are those that seek to make a quick buck, offer poor and subpar work and leave many unhappy clients in their wake. Often repairs and tear outs are common practice to fix the mistakes. Thankfully these people do not last.

If you are unsure we would suggest meeting with several contractors. You need to feel comfortable and trust that the contractor is going to follow through with what is proposed. Are they a licensed, insured and bonded company? Do they have a website? Can they provide informative and competent answers to your questions? You can expect to ‘get what you pay for’ with many trades, and cheapest isn’t always the best option.

Does the contractor promote and affiliate themselves within their own industry? Currently we are proud members of Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association (LANTA), Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and the Better Business Bureau of Central Alberta (BBB).

Modern Earth Landscaping Ltd is a full service Landscape Construction Company. We do not advertise other than our webpage and 80% of our work is based off referrals alone. All of the photos online are of our own projects, not images gathered from another source. We have invested in the people, equipment and vehicles to help build our brand as a professional Landscape Construction Company.

It really depends on the scope of your project. A simple turf replacement and garden beds can generally be installed in a few days. A more complex design perhaps involving a retaining wall, paving stone or natural stone may take several weeks. As a general guide most projects are finished within 1-2 weeks. However they can stretch as long as 6-8 weeks depending on the size and complexity.

With most projects budget is always a factor. It is very hard to put a dollar figure on projects as there are so many variables with lot size, material quantities and labour. Simple projects such as turf and garden replacements are generally a lot less expensive than larger ones. For more involved designs with stone such as paving stone, retaining wall block, flagstone and natural rock boulders this will substantially increase the cost of your project.

As soon as possible. Every season we try to accommodate all of our clients in a timely fashion. To be fair we will complete the projects in order of which they are booked. There are a limited number of workable months in the season so therefore the earlier a prospective client contacts us the better chance we have of getting their project completed sooner. We work on 3D Designs and quotations all winter. Usually by the time we start at the beginning of April we are booking into August or September of that current season.

Modern Earth Landscaping Ltd is a registered Prepaid Contractor with the Government of Alberta, License Number #331359.

What does this mean?
It means that we can legally take deposits prior to work commencing. Being a prepaid contractor covers both you (the client) and us (Modern Earth Landscaping Ltd) legally. We are a fully bonded company.

How does it work?
Normally 2 weeks prior to work commencing we require a materials deposit. At this time a contract is supplied by us (Modern Earth Landscaping Ltd), clearly outlining all of the expected duties, pricing and client information. Both you (the client) and we (Modern Earth Landscaping Ltd) receive a signed copy. Also included for you (the client) is a copy of the valid Prepaid Contractor License. Once signed it becomes a legal document for both parties.
Modern Earth Landscaping Ltd is expected to complete the project in a timely and professional manner and the client understands and agrees to deposit and final payment requirements

Did you know
It is ILLEGAL for any trade worker or company in Alberta to ask for any sort of deposit from you before commencing a project. By law they must be a registered prepaid contractor and provide a valid license and a written contract. The client must sign a contractual agreement before giving a deposit.
It is the only way that you and your money are protected legally. Refuse unless they can provide a contract and a valid license.

Modern Earth Landscaping Ltd will uphold the expectations of its clients at all times. We strive for open communication between both the client and Modern Earth Landscaping Ltd to achieve the desired results first time around. The client can expect a professional and organized worksite left clean and tidy after every day. All staff will be in uniform and shall present themselves in a friendly and approachable manner should you have a questions.

No. We are a small company of hardworking professionals. It doesn’t make sense to stretch your equipment and crew between multiple sites and expect good results and a happy client. That’s why we complete a project at a time and ensure the quality clients have come to expect from us. We will be on site every day, weather permitting until project completion.

No. As the company has grown we have focused our efforts on the higher end larger projects and designs. Often our price point will be too high for the basic lawn replacements and final grades.

No. We are a full service Landscape Construction Company. We do not offer any maintenance services.

Modern Earth Landscaping Ltd is a registered contractor with Alberta One Call. We submit all of our locate requests online. We do not start any of our projects until all relevant utilities on your property have been located

Yes for your peace of mind Modern Earth Landscaping Ltd is a fully insured company through Intact Insurance. All staff onsite are also covered with current WCB.

Yes all construction material waste will be removed from site at the completion of every job. Your home will look clean and tidy after the project is completed.

In the future when it comes time to sell your property, you may be faced with penalties or fines for encroaching onto the utility companies’ area. Your Real Property Report needs to show an exact reflection of your current property showing all major items such as driveways, decks, free standing garages etc. You can get encroachment agreements allowing permanent structures to be built onto utility right of ways. It is cheaper to apply for them before anything is built than after your project is finished.

With such a large selection of products available we would recommend a visit to a local landscaping yard for a clearer picture on what might suit your project. Take a Pen & Paper and record what you like, please try to be as specific possible regarding colors, size and description of the materials. Please visit our Resources Page for local supply yard locations.

Yes it will. On your quotation there will be a complete breakdown of all costs there for you. We try to be as specific as we can and have been complemented many times on how detailed and accurate our quotations are. There are no hidden costs, everything is itemised on the quotation.

One thing we have said to many customers is that their yard will look worse before it looks better. For existing yards we have to remove what was there and start again. For new house construction we have to literally build from the rough grade up, adding topsoil and other materials until the project is complete. Your yard will look like a construction site for a short time. And yes, we do clean up after ourselves every day!

Please understand during the construction process there will be times when you can experience things such as:

  • Excessive Operating Noise from Machinery
  • Excessive Dust
  • Heavy Vibration
  • Heavy Machinery moving close to your home
  • Pallets of Material awaiting installation
  • Vehicles & Trailers on your driveway and street
  • Large Trucks completing Material Deliveries
  • Loads of Material such as Topsoil or Road Crush awaiting installation
  • Stakes and Taped Off Areas
  • Utility Locate Flags
  • Reverse & Travels Beepers from Heavy Equipment Operating
  • Hard ‘Edges or Drops’ due to excavation around your home
  • Piled Construction Waste Material (removed at end of project)

We would ask that children are supervised at all times during construction when outside. Depending on your project and grades involved there can and will be the opportunity for serious injury, sharp objects and severe falling hazards.

That’s great! A simple drawing of yours on a piece of paper helps the design process a lot. The more confident you are on exactly what style of yard and layout you want the easier it is to design it and start the construction process.

Take notes, pictures or any other ideas you have and present them at the initial site visit.

For new homes...

We will require a copy of your Rough Grade Certificate and Real Property Report. This is to establish accurate grade and property line boundaries before any work commences. Also depending on your property location you may have Utility Right of Ways or Caveats that don’t allow us to build any permanent structures on there. This can affect the design on your project but can easily be worked around.

For established homes looking for a change....

We will require a copy of your Real Property Report to establish accurate property line boundaries and check for any existing Utility Right of Ways or Caveats.

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